Leaves and nuts as dancers in a circle
Water vortex
Blury circle dancing
Fun dancing outside
Two circles dancing outside
Circle dancing around image of the earth

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Upcoming Virtual Village workshops 2022


Friday 27th - Sunday 29th
'Heart to Heart'
mystical torus

The control of mind, of intellect, has got us as a collective into a shocking mess; it's time for a shift, time for the way of the heart.With an eye on Beltane, and bees diving into the hearts of flowers, we also dive this weekend, into our heart, probing its expansion and depths.

I wonder if you are experiencing an increase in the sun's power this year? Apparently it is preparing to shed its protective layers - in stages - meaning there will be a massive increase in frequency as a much stronger energy comes in. The first of these Solar Unveilings will be sometime in the middle of May. Good to be aware and have the strength and grounding of the Dance and the Dance Circle, to hold these powerful energies for us all.

The best way to prepare and be with such cosmic happenings is, as always, by simply being grounded in the heart. Time to relegate the brain in the head to its proper status! Our focus is - to move from the heart, to think from and with the heart and to act heart-centredly. The energy of the heart, I realised recently, is toroidal; like a Torus, a turning 'doughnut', it moves in and round and out again endlessly, just like the energy in the circle when we dance.

The heart itself is changing, evolving as are we, and as things shift under our feet, all that matters is to be anchored in the heart. We dance this weekend to further open and deepen in the heart, with the awareness that it is the gateway to expansion, to reality and to bliss. Through the Circle we access heart resonance and through the heart, as midwives of life, we are birthing our new self, the new earth, the new humanity.

For how these events work or donation details, see below.

There will be a Zoom option on the evening (8pm European time) of Sunday 29th May after we have danced. This is an opportunity to share experiences of the dancing and the theme and to connect individually. A link will be sent to you during the workshop.

How these events work

They are NOT via Zoom, the dancing is accessed through a link to my web-page that you will be sent after booking/before the date of the event.

This way of dancing is proving to be immensely popular and successful. One reason is you can choose when you dance, and for how long during the weekend, with the added advantage that if you can't make it on the date, the files are kept available indefinitely so you can still be a part of the circle for that time.

Dancers have discovered that they feel close and connected - a part of the circle even through the screen. They can feel the powerful healing energy of the dances and of the circle come through despite being geographically separate. Some dancers have had transforming experiences and all have felt inspired, uplifted and renewed by this way of being together which connects us beyond personality and physical restrictions.

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When you book you will get a link to my web page where you will find the files of the dances. There will be a video of:

  • an introductory talk about the theme, the selected dances and the journey they can take us on,
  • separate videos of the teaching of each dance, including step notation for that dance,
  • a video recording of the dancing of each dance. (This is what you can dance along with.)
  • Follow this link for a sample of these workshops.

    Donations for this workshop

    You decide what you give for these online workshops. Let it be as much or as little as your purse and your heart tell you, what's important is that you dance! In the past a sliding scale was given (33 - 66 euros / 30 - 60 GBP / 55 - 110 AUD), this was to help folk who were uncomfortable plucking a figure from space with no guidelines.
    Donations can be made in Euros, GB Pound Sterling or Australian dollars. When booking tell us what your currency is. We will send you donation details.