Circle Dancing

with June Watts

Celebrating life in sacred dance

"When I dance I know who I am!
I feel Centred and Connected with
All things."

"Thank you June for 'holding the sacred space' with so much love and joy. This is my first Circle Dancing workshop and it has been a joyous and deep experience."


"I truly felt as though we were being initiated into a sacred line of dancers going back to the roots, to our earliers ancestors as they danced to honour life and the world around them."


"I send you from my heart my love and respect and happiness to have been dancing with you.
You are not just a wonderful woman and human beeing also a natural force that's beyond time."


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Nature in Sacred Circle dance image by Una Woodruff

If you would like to arrange a dance event in your area please contact:

June Watts,

Wesley Cottage, New Road,
East Huntspill, Highbridge, TA9 3PT, England

Tel.: +44 (0)20 - 8123 8372


Las Pe˝uelas, Mecina Bombaron,
18450 Granada, Spain

Tel.: +34 660 727 642

but ideally e-mail: jw<at> (replace <at> with @ symbol)

sacred dance
photo by Sheryl Ackerman